James Thomas, MPH, PhD

Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Director, MEASURE Evaluation, Carolina Population Center
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Dr. Thomas brings together a unique set of skills to address this era’s most challenging public health issues. With experiences that encompass both academics and practice, he has:

  • Developed and implemented evaluations of complex adaptive systems in North Carolina, Ethiopia, Thailand and elsewhere.

  • Translated theory to practice by using his knowledge of complex systems to a found and direct Africa Rising, and organization that strengthened African community-based organizations by networking them together.

  • Addressed practical public health issues in locations ranging from the Congo jungle, to American prisons, to Hollywood film studios.

  • Integrated his practical experiences into the textbook Epidemiologic Methods for the Study of Infectious Diseases.

  • Led the writing of the code of ethics for public health adopted by the American Public Health Association and other national organizations.


Dr. Thomas’s trainees identifying malnourished children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.